Outsourcing Pros And Cons

Rishi Khanna
4 min readJan 28, 2021


When considering whether to outsource work, there can be a lot to consider. One of the main things that business leaders like to do is weigh up the pros and cons of a decision, and outsourcing is no different.

Before you decide to start recruiting top talent from around the globe to help you deal with the rise in business you’re experiencing, or to help you better manage the steady business you have, it’s time to look at the outsourcing pros and cons.

Cons Of Outsourcing

We might be biased as a business who helps companies find remote talent, but we think outsourcing is pretty great. There are so many reasons why outsourcing can work for your business, however there are also some cons to think about too. These include:

One of the main issues that companies have is that they struggle to find an outsourcing company who can hire and retain great talent, meet expectations and business philosophy, have experience in working with companies like yours, adhere to deadlines, have accountability mindset, have a mature escalations process and ensure the company is looking out for the client interest as much as for themselves.connect them with the best talent.

We come across this more often than not, where the Client wanting to outsource does not have buy in from their leadership team about outsourcing and their processes are not well documented. This puts them in a bad position from the outset and makes it harder for the company to get stuck into outsourcing.

Businesses that are heavily people dependent and have a lot of silos between teams find it harder to outsource. If the business is not ready, it puts the outsourcing opportunity at risk of being successful. Without the support of the team, often people against outsourcing will try to throw the opportunity under the bus and derail the process purposely.

  • Culture, Work Environment and Standards Can Be Harder To Manage

When you’re working with a reputable outsourcing company that helps you hire your remote team, this will be less of a concern. However, many people worry about how the extended team adheres to the corporate values and culture of the company outsourcing — for example whether the people working for them are getting a comfortable work environment and tools for them to be effective and efficient.

As a general rule, we should all be doing our best to ensure that our people are happy and healthy when working for us and it’s true that this can be harder to see in ‘real life’ when you’re working with a remote team. Working with an outsourcing team you trust will really help alleviate that stress.

That’s why BorderlessMind exists — because we noticed that there was a better way to manage remote, near-shore and offshore projects. We wanted to look at the Future of Outsourcing while coming up with our business model. We want to ensure that the teams we establish work as a true extension of our client business and projects and initiatives are well managed, even though they are completed remotely.

Pros Of Outsourcing

For all the cons of outsourcing your business, the pros of outsourcing outweigh them. Here’s some of the pros of outsourcing:

  • You Can Reach The Top Talent Across The Globe

Prior to outsourcing, reaching top talent was a lot harder to find. It was mostly available within the large outsourcing providers who were catering to enterprise customers.. Nowadays with remote work the world is a lot more ‘open’, especially post Covid-19 which means that a talent pool is more accessible and thus can be extended outside of the borders of its country. This can be a great thing for businesses looking to create the best teams of top talent, that aren’t defined by geography.

  • It’s Cost-Effective

If you’re wanting to work with the top talent from across the globe, but pay lower prices than you would in your current market, then outsourcing is a great idea. This is because living costs and wages are often lower in some areas of the world compared to Western countries like the U.S and UK. This means you can work with fully qualified, amazing talent for a fraction of the price.

  • It Increases Economic Efficiency

When you outsource the bulk of the labour to offshore individuals, you free up the time of those working within your business on home soil. This means that you can really use the brains of the top talent within your organization on high leverage activities in order to strategize and improve how things are done. With improved economic efficiency and extended band-width, there is so much more that your local team can accomplish.

If you’re looking to hire a remote team, BorderlessMind can help. Get in touch to learn more. Alternatively, you can read up on why building a remote team helps build a winning company culture over on our blog.



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