Why ‘as-a-service’​ models are winning during this period

Rishi Khanna
3 min readJun 16, 2020


In the current climate, everyone is obsessing over which brands are doing well, which industries are struggling and how we can all adapt and change to keep up with what’s going on in the world.

If you’ve found that you’ve seen a lot of ‘as-a-service’ style businesses doing well at the moment, you’re not alone. We’ve noticed that the coronavirus era has allowed ‘as a service’ providers to flourish.

COVID has caused many shifts in how we work, none less than the way we use technology. This has been terrible for many industries, but a good thing for the ‘as a service’ industry, here’s why…

XaaS Was Already Doing Well Prior To Coronavirus

‘As a service’ models were already doing very well prior to the outbreak, however, the current situation has accelerated that growth. The software as a service industry made it a lot easier for brands to use technology to implement digital changes. This meant that they were able to innovate, provide a better service, and build a brand that is scalable with the use of ‘as a service’ companies.

SaaS and other forms of as a service technology was already transforming how services and products were delivered, however now coronavirus has caused a behavioral shift in how consumers expect to receive goods and services. Intelligent companies are capitalizing on this and becoming the first wave of companies that are giving people what they want in the COVID-era.

What Do People Want In the COVID Era?

Primarily, people want a direct-to-consumer model where consumers can access the things they need from the comfort of their homes. They need to know that the company can deliver goods and services without necessarily having direct access to the consumer. In this sense B2C has changed — there is a level of detachment now that requires Xaas assistance.

Now more than ever, people want to consume over the internet in an easy-to-use format. This means that often your products will need to be available as a service, in a self-serve model that is easily scalable. Flexibility and agility are keys to success when it comes to delivering your consumers with what they want and Xaas businesses make that much easier.

Coronavirus Has Shifted How We Consume

In the past, people we’re comfortable going out to get the things they needed. However, now people are aware of how easy life is when you don’t have to do those things. We’ve all become comfortable with working from home, enjoying take out instead of going out for dinner and getting products delivered to our door instead of venturing out.

This shift to remote services is what has made the ‘as a service’ model so popular. Business leaders have had to think quickly in order to ensure that their business is accessible online and can be enjoyed remotely.

‘As a service’ models have enabled businesses to pivot and adapt to the new demand for online delivered goods and services. No one can really predict what the world will be like in the post-COVID aftermath, however, we can predict that Xaas models that power the internet will enable businesses to continue to trade and succeed in a turbulent and uncertain world.

So much has become possible due to digitalization and forced innovations due to COVID. What innovations have you seen happening that weren’t possible before we got engulfed by the pandemic?

What “as a service” model do you feel your business could use whilst preparing to get back to the workplace?



Rishi Khanna

Thought-leader, Culture Building, and Growth CEO. A leader in the following companies: ENO8, ISHIR, BorderlessMind, DigitalSuccess, and AnythingCloud.